Red Ready

13 February 2012
This was my first day out 
after staying home for a week.  
If you read my last journal, at the time, I  told that I was sick. and alhamdulillah im health now :)
can u imagine!??
how happy iam,
 can walk out. 
i should go with my ummi and my papa, 
but because they're not here, i would go with my sister

where's we going?
We are not into shopping malls, 
tourist attractions, or shopping centers. 
Our destiny is to the Prof Dr.Daniel
for checkup !
yeah really boring place, but im still happy :)

she's my second sister's call her "Wiwieq"

it was raining, 
so we both stopped to rest in a cafe
anyway, checkup schedule will be open after magribh, 
we arrived early. so we waited in the cafe Buana

My red scraf : Jhie2Shop
my black Wingbat t-shirt : WMO shop
my strip pants : Expand brand

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