Concept : Missing smile

17 February 2012
concept is about ur thinking
my mind is the way to the concept
if you want to have / create a concept photo, you must hear and feel 
what you're thinking at that time.
and this my mind with my feeling
i missing my smile
i still send a smile when i cant do that.

photographer : my sister's Widya
digital imaging  : Zilqiah angraini [me]
photo editor : photoshop cs3 with plugin nik colour
tutorial editing image :
1.shadow higlight
2. contras colour range [nik]
3. crossprosessing Y06 [nik]
4. colour balance : daylight to tungsen 60% [nik]
5. Adjusment : hue saturation -58
6. darken/lightin centre [nik]
7. brightness and contras
8. glamour glow : 14% | -100% | 00%
finish ^_^

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